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التثدي Gynecomastia
Gynecomastia is an increase in fatty tissue and the size of the breast gland in men than the normal limit, which makes them feel embarrassed in public. There are many reasons that may lead to the occurrence of gynecomastia problem, but the most important of them are weight gain, and the use of anabolic steroidsVASER® or laser liposuction (The appearance of the name of the device in the article is for the necessity of health education and is not considered an advertisement for the manufacturer or distributor, directly or indirectly.) This procedure is based on liposuction of the excess fat, but this surgery does not affect the breast gland itself. (Mastectomy) In this procedure, the glandular tissue of the breast is removed, and it is performed after the doctor makes small incisions or cuts, and the patient does not need a long time to recover. In the case of our heroes who performed sleeve gastrectomy, the increase in the size of the gland may be accompanied by sagging skin, and this sagging is removed in this procedure if necessary.

Liposuction with mastectomy

Eligible for gynecomastia surgery
• People with gynecomastia for whom other treatments have not been successful.
• People who do not suffer from serious or life-threatening health problems, as well as people who do not have problems or diseases that may hinder recovery from gynecomastia.
• The person must not be a smoker.
• A man’s weight should be within fairly reasonable limits.
• Breast growth stops, which means the end of puberty, however, bettors can benefit from gynecomastia surgery at their age, knowing that they may need another procedure in the future.
• People who are very annoyed by the size of their chests
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