Fat injection

fat injection
It is a surgery performed under local or general anesthesia in which the plastic surgeon withdraws quantities of fat from certain areas such as the abdomen or thighs, then collects it and injects it in a special way in the areas to be improved. The method of fat withdrawal varies according to the amount to be injected: Manually if the quantity to be withdrawn is small. With devices such as a VASER ® device to suction a large amount of fat.

Is autologous fat injection safe?

Of all the materials used in injections, autologous fat is the safest and the probability of rejection is low because it is from the human body.

Does autologous fat disappear over time?

Approximately 40% to 60% of fat is absorbed by the body, so in the beginning the surgeon has to inject more than the required amount to get the desired result.


Large fat (macro) benefits large injection areas. -Small fat (micro) benefits small injection areas . -Ultra-micro fat (nano) is used under the eyes and to improve the appearance of scars.
1. Complete laboratory examinations.
2. Your health should be in good condition without any chronic diseases.
3. You must fast for 8 hours beforehand
4. The type of anesthesia used during the surgery general or local will be explained.
5. Consult the doctor regarding the medications that the you should stop taking before the operation.
6. Your body mass index should not exceed 30.
7. Smoking is prohibited for four weeks.
8. Avoid using aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications and herbal supplements to control bleeding during surgery.
9. You will receive a full explanation of the operation and the expected scars according to the case, its advantages and complications.
10. Discuss your expectations for body size and shape after the procedure.
11. Stop using hormones and birth control pills for 4 weeks.

Areas where fat is injected

1. Face: under the eyes, cheeks, smile lines, temples, and jawline or lips
2. Hands: If the fat is low and the veins are prominent
3. Breast: after breast reconstruction
4. Buttocks ( BBL : brazilian butt lift ) and hip dips

Surgery day

1. Some fat injections may require the use of general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.
2. The process may last for several hours, depending on the extent of the fat injection.

After the operation

1. Swelling and bruising are expected in the area of fat injection.
2. Do not sit and do not put pressure on the injection area.
3. A slight degree of pain is expected that can be relieved with analgesics.

Postoperative instructions

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes especially over the injected area.
2. Avoid driving and sitting for long periods of time if the buttocks are enlarged.
3. Refrain from smoking until the fat settles in the body because it impairs healing.
4.Refrain from exercising and
strenuous activities for at least 3 months.
5.Eat healthy fats like olive oil and avocado to support the fat.
6.Drink plenty of water, juices, and fluids to stimulate blood circulation to ensure that oxygen and food reach the fats.
7.Maintaining a stable weight so that you do not have to make a diet that leads to the absorption of fat from the body.
8. If the buttocks is injected, a medical pillow must be used to avoid pressure on the buttocks.
9. You must sleep on the stomach if the buttocks were injected.

When to contact my surgeon after surgery

2.high temperature
3.The feeling of pain does not go away even with the use of painkillers
4.feeling weak
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