Face and body filler injection

حقن الفيلر الوجه والجسم
When we get old, the skin loses a large part of its elasticity, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Fillers injections are medical products that contain hyaluronic acid that works to rejuvenate your beauty, treat deep and superficial wrinkles, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, and give a healthy appearance. From what it consists? Hyaluronic acid What is the difference between their types? Types of injection fillers vary according to their density and interlocking. The most dense and interlocked may be used in some areas of the body, such as the depressions and the rear, and used for the face and under the eyes in particular, the softest and least interlocked.

Where can I inject?

• Temples
• Cheeks
• Lips
• Chin
• Palate
• Hands
• Depressions
• Rear

Before the injection

• Remove the make-up from the face or any other areas
• Injection after good sterilization
• And the last step, the nurse applies a local anesthetic (ointment)
Post-Fillers Instructions -Apply ice at the injection site (if necessary) -There may be some swelling and bruising -Simple massage of the area -Enjoy the result
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