تجميل الجفنين Blepharoplasty
This operation aims to remove excess skin in the lower or upper eyelids, or both for cosmetic or organic reasons, and get rid of excess fat around the eye. This is a plastic or organic procedure that may help improve vision for those who have drooping eyelids.
1. Drooping and swelling of the upper or lower eyelids.
2. Excess skin on the upper eyelids that prevents the eye from seeing clearly.
3. Excess skin on the lower eyelids.
1. This process does not treat dark circles.
2. It is normal to have a scar, but it will lessen with time.
3. you may have a visible scar on the upper eye lid which will be less visible with time as it is hidden in the eye crease

Before the operation

1. Complete laboratory examinations.
2. Your health should be in good condition without any chronic diseases.
3. You must fast for 8 hours before it.
4. The type of anesthesia used during the surgery will be explained.
5. Consult the doctor regarding the medications that you should stop taking before the operation.
6. stop smoking.
7. Avoid using aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements unless directed by your surgeon.
8. An explanation of the procedure, the expected scars according to the case, its advantages and complications, will be explained to you in details.
9. Stop using hormones and birth control pills for 4 weeks

Surgery day

This operation is Performed under local anesthesia.

After the operation

1. Make sure to put ice packs on your eyes.
2. Do not strain your eyes by looking at screens for long periods.
3. A slight degree of pain is expected that can be relieved with analgesics.

When to contact my surgeon after surgery

1. Irritation and sensitivity in the eyes.
2. Skin discoloration.
3. Dry Eye.
4. bleeding.
5. Severe swelling.
6. Blindness or partial blindness.
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