البوتكس botox
Botox is a substance that is toxic to nerve cells. Injecting it into the skin tissue stops the effect of the electrical signals transmitted by the nerve to the muscle fibers. From what prevents its contraction. It is this property that gives Botox needles the ability to prevent contraction of the muscles responsible for facial expressions, Which causes its atrophy to appear wrinkles with age

Clinic procedures

It includes several procedures that can be done under local anesthesia
Forehead wrinkles Wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) Nose wrinkles Gummy smile Sad smile Excessive sweating in the armpits

Benefits Of Botox Injection

Before the procedure

The injection is performed under local anesthesia of the skin with an ointment

Post Botox Instructions

-The patient can leave the clinic to his home immediately after the completion of the Botox injection,
-The result is usually visible after 3-5 days, and the retouch session is after a week
-It is forbidden to kneel, prostrate and bend for 4 hours after the procedure
-Enjoy/Enjoy the results
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